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Self Inking Rubber Stamps

StampStore DF Series & CGS Brand

Pre Inked Self Inking, Refillable

CGS Self Inking Stamps

Conventional Self Inking, Refillable

All Self Inking!  Just Press and Print  for a Clear, Sharp Impression!
Great for Logos & Text.
  NO EXTRA charge for Logos or Custom Designs.

Easy to use and available in a large range of sizes to suit most stamping requirements.
These stamps will provide 1000's of quality impressions and are able to be re-filled by simply adding a few drops of ink for 1000's more.

Ink colours available for DF Series are

Ink colours available for CGS Pro are

If you are unsure of what stamp suits you're needs, contact us online via our instant chat by clicking the chat icon above our main menu on each page, or call us on our Local Call number 1300 782 671. Monday to Friday, 9AM to 4 PM and we will be happy to advise you to ensure you get the right stamp.

To view all sizes, download a size chart below.

Click to View DF Series Stamps Size Chart     Click to View CSG Series Stamps Size Chart

View by shape by clicking on the yellow folders below, or scroll down to view all.
Click on the stamps for more information or to order.

Customise Your Paperwork by Purchasing Self Inking Rubber Stamps Online

Have you left your mark on something lately? For those in certain jobs — or if you work from home — a lot of time each day is spent marking documents. Whether it's stamping an approval, printing an address, or leaving some other kind of identifying mark, it can be tedious! Why not make it a little more fun and faster, too? When you buy self inking rubber stamps online through StampStore, you gain a high-quality way to leave clear images on paper over and over again.

A stamp which is self inking is an excellent investment. First, you can expect thousands of uses with the original ink reservoir before it needs refreshing. Then, revitalising your stamp is a breeze — just add a few new drops of ink to the pad or reservoir, and that's all! Your stamp is self inking once again. Convenience isn't the only reason to consider purchasing through StampStore, though.

We can also offer you a self inking stamp we've custom designed. With many potential stamp shapes, we can put a multitude of different designs on the rubber for you. Different fonts and ink colours are also available, including hues such as pink and orange. Want to add the company logo or slogan to every stamp? We can do that! Once you purchase your self inking rubber stamps online, our team will put it into production and ship it out the door — fast. Leaving your company's mark on its paperwork has never been as easy as it is with StampStore.

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