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Multi Coloured Self Inking Stamps

Trodat Multi Colour Rubber Stamps

At StampStore, our Trodat Multi Colour Self Inking Rubber Stamps provide you
with a unique solution. For the first time, it is now possible that you can display
colourful text, symbols or design your logo in colour all on the one stamp.

You can use up to 15 separate colours on a single stamp!
Conditions apply, see below

Think how well your new Multi Colour Stamp will stand out from your Opposition!

Trodat Multi Colour Stamps provide a unique solution. So for the first time, you can display colourful symbols or design your logo in colour. 
Individual color stamps are perfectly suited for companies of every size, as well as  private individuals. 
With our Multi Color stamps we offer a unique solution for your design with many advantages for you:
An attractive pallet of fifteen standard colours is available to you.
Reordering your individual ink cartridge is uncomplicated and possible any time as we keep your design on file.
There are only two things to bear in mind for a technically flawless stamp impression:
   - Differently coloured letters and symbols must be at least 2.5 mm apart.
   - A continuous colour field is at least 8 mm x 8 mm.
Contiguous colours and colour blends are not possible (demo examples):
miss-heartbeat--multi-colour-stamp      flower-shop-multi-colour-stamp-sample       cafe777-multi-colour-stamp      
roadwork-multi-colour-stamp kids-party--multi-colour-stamp light-house--multi-colour-stamp

Multicolour stamps are perfectly suited for companies and businesses of every size, as well as private individuals, hobbyists and crafts people. 

Multicolour stamps provide advantages for you:

  • Make your stamp stand out from the opposition.
  • Up to fifteen standard colours are available to use on a single stamp. (conditions apply)

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