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Trodat Mobile Printy

Trodat Rubber StampsTrodat Mobile Printy


Great for Nurses
& Doctors

Trodat Mobile Printy Pocket Stamp

Trodat Pocket Stamps SAVE $24


The Mobile Printy, with unique single-hand operation, is the simplest, most stable, and cleanest pocket stamp ever. Its modern design underlines the innovative functionality and makes it a practical, attractive accessory on the move.


The intelligent technology enables opening, stamping, and closing with just one hand.


The unique pyramid shape with stable 5-point support ensures optimal pressure distribution across the entire text plate guaranteeing smooth, clean imprints.


The recessed ink cartridge prevents contact with the stamp's ink and keeps your fingers clean.


All stamps have BLACK INK ONLY
 and come in random case colours

Trodat Mobile Printy Stamps

Trodat Mobile Printy Stamps
Trodat Mobile Printy Stamps

Trodat Mobile Printy Stamps




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