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QR Code Stamps

         What is a QR code?

A QR code is a two-dimensional matrix code, that contains data.
The acronym QR is short for “Quick Response”.

Like other codes, the QR code symbol can be captured with imaging devices like a camera and then digitally processed.
Software prepares the captured image data that is then processed according to the QR code standard so the QR code content can be read.

Most smart phones are can run QR code reading software and scan the codes using their cameras. 

Therefore, a widespread use of QR codes became possible with the recent smartphone boom and the increasing spread of mobile internet.


QR Codes can be added to your stamps and business cards using our LiveArt online stamp designer.

The QR Codes are available on most of our stamps, excluding Date & Number Stamps and Multi Colour Stamps

Just click the


at the top of the stamps product page, then



Special text used to create your QR codes

This will create a link prompt the user that scans the code to go to www.mywebsite.com  (replace this with your own website)

This will address and email to username@gmail.com     (replace the email address with your email address)


This will address an SMS to Mobile Phone Number 04004111222  (replace the number with your phone number)


This will prompt to call Mobile Phone Number 04004111222  (replace the number with your phone number)
it is best practice to put the international dialling code,  eg remove the  0   and add +61   within Australia


Click HERE to choose a stamp to add a QR Code to.



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