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Office Stamp

Our multi purpose Colop Date and Phrase office stamp is a must for every office.
It's like having twelve individual stamps but without the desktop clutter.
Simply turn the knob to select the desired phrase and set the date.
Our Colop Office Stamp is self inking for added convenience & ease of operation.



The stamp available with or without an adjustable date in this format.

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Buy Office Rubber Stamps Online and Boost Business Productivity

Nowhere is a stamp more at home than in an office environment. From the mail room to the executive offices, you'll find a variety of self inking stamps in every business. Why? The answer is simple: stamps for work make the job easier, faster, and less prone to errors. When you need to put a return address on several hundred envelopes, doing it by hand is a recipe for writer's cramp. When you buy office rubber stamps online through StampStore, you can accomplish that task — and many others — in a fraction of the time.

Stamps for work are a good way to save money, too. First, self inking and custom stamps from StampStore will leave firm, clear imprints for thousands of impressions. Second, rejuvenating a dried out stamp is simple — just add new ink to the reservoir or pad, and the plate will self-ink again. Finally, you can customise your own stamps for work with StampStore to suit the specific needs of your business.

Consider that you might want to have stamps that say things such as "Void" or "Paid in Full." We can easily customise an order to your specifications when you buy office rubber stamps online through our store. Simply include the details, or contact us to learn more about how the process works. Time is money, and you'll want to save as much of both as possible every day in the office. With StampStore's reliability and speed, it's easy to equip yourself with the right tools. Explore these products and more, and place your order today!

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    StampStore is a one-stop online shop passionate about all things stamps. Reliable, high quality and offering a seamless customisation process, you won’t believe how easy it is to find something that perfectly fits your needs.

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