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For that added elegant look to your personal stationery, or the professional look for business stationery a custom made embosser is the answer.
An embosser also gives added security to original documents, awards & certificates as your embossed mark cannot be reproduced if the item is scanned or photocopied.

Our seal presses offer and unprecedented quality and durability. 

If your'e unsure of what embosser suits you needs, contact us online via our instant chat by clicking the chat icon above our main menu on each page, or call us on our Local Call number 1300 782 671. Monday to Friday, 9AM to 4PM and we will be happy to advise you to ensure you get the right embosser.

Click on an embosser below for more information or to order.

Add Elegance to your Stationary: Buy a Custom Paper Embosser Online in Australia

If you are looking for a way to embellish your stationary, whether for personal or business purposes, then you should consider looking to buy a custom paper embosser. This presses a mark into the paper that cannot be reproduced when the item is scanned or copied, which benefits official documentation and certificates. Additionally, it adds elegance and a sense of professionalism to your stationary, perfect for any type of correspondence, including important professional communication. With StampStore, you can buy a custom paper embosser online that fits your purposes and is made from any design you wish.

What are the Uses of a Custom Paper Embosser?

A custom paper embosser stamps a certain design onto a piece of paper. This can be your initials or the company's logo, depending upon the use of the device. Many people use it to make plain paper into personalised stationary that looks and feels elegant. A custom paper embosser has many purposes in the business world. It is often used to provide an additional layer of security of original documents, certificates and awards. Many diplomas also use this type of stamp to show that they are original and true. Because the embossed mark does not show up when the document is scanned or photocopied, the original document is more important and secure. When you buy a custom paper embosser with StampStore, you will receive unprecedented durability and quality.

Make Any Design When you Buy a Custom Paper Embosser

When you look to buy a custom paper embosser in Australia, you want to ensure to have a high quality product, such as those sold by StampStore. However, you also want to be sure that you are getting the product that you want. StampStore sells a variety of options; however, if you are unsure what type of custom paper embosser you wish to buy online, then you can contact their customer service for additional help. Whether you want to add your initials to private stationary or add a logo to documents or awards, you can do so with any type of embosser. All you have to do is choose the type and upload your chosen design, whether initials, a company logo, or any other picture or text design. You can buy a desk, long reach, medium reach, common seal, business and personal custom embosser online with StampStore.

Buy a Custom Paper Embosser in Australia with StampStore

Since 2006, StampStore has been the place to buy a custom paper embosser in Australia. They offer a superior quality product with a 90-day guarantee at an affordable price. In addition to embossers, they also sell a variety of stamps in any shape, size, colour, design, and ink type. You can also rely upon them to provide your company with high quality business cards. Their wide range of inventory includes some of the best names in stamps, including StampStore, Colop and Trodat. Ordering is simple and easy, and you will receive your order quickly. You will be happy with the results from the embossing their products provide to enhance your business or personal stationary.


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