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Execute Deeds and Other Documents with a Company Common Seal Stamp

As a corporation, there are times where you will need to create an official document that is signed by the company rather than an individual acting on behalf of the company. This designates that a document is more important and becomes a different type of contract or document in the eyes of the law. When you require documents signed or stamped by the corporation instead of the individual owners or executives, you need a company common seal stamp. You can buy a common seal stamp with StampStore that you can customize to match your company's image, including adding a logo and many colours.

What are the Uses of a Company Common Seal Stamp?

Common seal stamps are the equivalent of the signature of an individual when documents need the company to sign. In legal terms, a common seal stamp stands in the place of a person's signature when it is the company or corporation enacting the document. It is mainly used on documents that will be executed as a deed rather than a contract. Additionally, certain corporate documents including share certificates will be marked with company common seal stamps rather than a signature of an individual. Documents issued under company common seal stamps are typically associated with important decisions that should not be enacted by any individual. Therefore, these decisions are not enacted by the individual agents working on behalf of the company but by the corporation itself when using the stamp.

Customise your Common Seal Stamp

There are a few items that need to be on the company common seal stamp, namely the company's name and identification number. Because it is a legal signature, you have to follow certain guidelines for the state in which you reside. However, there are some aspects that can be personalised, including the style, template, and type of stamp. You can use a self-inking stamp to make it very easy to use or you can choose from traditional stamps that require an inkpad. With StampStore, you have a variety of templates so that you can find one that matches your company's image. They make ordering a common seal stamp fast and easy. They also will help you with any questions to ensure that it remains within the legal guidelines of your location.

StampStore: The Place for all your Stamping Needs

In addition to common seal stamps, StampStore also has any type of stamp your corporation needs. For example, you can custom design a stamp with your company's logo and address in up to 15 colours to use on a variety of documents. You can also order any other type of stamp you require, rather for quality control, marking incoming documents, or otherwise simplifying everyday tasks. They also supply refill ink, business cards, and other items to simplify your daily tasks. They have a variety of shapes, sizes, colour options, layouts and brands of stamps, including stamps by StampStore, Trodat and Colop. They have a 90-day guarantee on all their products and provide a quick turnaround on all services. They make buying stamps a fast and easy solution for your company.

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