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Simple to Use Self-Inking Stamps Save you Time and Money: Buy a Stamp Online

Stamping saves you time and money on a variety of tasks, especially those that you perform everyday. Many repetitive tasks can easily be replaced by using a rubber stamp. Examples of some of the most popular uses include stamping signatures, endorsing checks, adding official seals to a document, dating an incoming document, and adding a company's logo and address to documents. Many industries, including manufacturing, business, legal, and education find using rubbers stamps beneficial, especially saving time on various tasks. With self-inking stamps, stamping becomes even easier. With StampStore, you can custom design and buy self-inking stamps online. They have a variety of options and can make any type of stamp you need.

What is a Self-Inking Stamp?

A self-inking stamp is just as its name suggests. Instead of having an inkpad like traditional style stamps, a self-inking stamp has its own ink supply. You no longer have to ensure that that stamp and inkpad are kept together or spend time searching for a lost inkpad, making it even easier to use. These types of stamps also often have a more even application of the ink. You can also custom design a self-inking stamp when you buy online with StampStore. You can choose between a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to match the type of stamp you need for your project or business. You also have the option for multiple colours on the stamp.

What are the Choices for Self-Inking Stamps?

There are two main types of self-inking stamps that you can buy online. The first still uses the inkpad concept of the traditional stamps. However, the stamp pad and the stamp are connected, so you do not have to worry about losing it. The stamp has a mechanical action that will apply the ink to the text die plate when it is pressed. The other main type of self-inking stamps is pre-inked. These types of stamps contain an ink reservoir located behind a special porous text plate. This provides the ink to the stamp when you use it. With the pre-inked stamps, it is even easier to design a stamp that uses many different colours. When you buy self-inking stamps online with StampStore, you can choose to add up to 15 different colours to one stamp on most available models.

Buy a Self-Inking Stamp Online with StampStore

StampStore has been providing self-inking stamps to buy online for Australia since 2006. StampStore strives to provide the highest quality of self-inking and other types of stamps at an affordable price. They have a wide range of selections from a variety of brands, including StampStore, Colop, and Tourdat. You can choose the type of stamp that matches your needs and customise it, including choosing up to 15 different colours on many stamp options. When you buy a self-inking stamp online with StampStore, you will find reliable customer service, a fast turnaround, and a 90-day guarantee. Their goal is to make it fast and easy to order stamps.

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