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Custom Made Rubber Stamps Online For all of Australia. Buy at The Stamp Store!

Bring creativity and efficiency to your business with custom made stamps. Rubber stamps are an essential office tool, and can be used to make any repetitive task easier. With a custom rubber stamp, pressing your logo, graphic, image or text onto any document is simple. Every stamp is specially made to fit your design. When you need to buy custom rubber stamps, Australia businesses and homes can count on the quality stamps from the Stamp Store.

The Stamp Store has been making custom stamps since 2006. Our main location is in a small town called Bodalla, on the south coast of New South Wales. However, our business is primarily online based. When you order your custom rubber stamp online, our artisans will create your design into a custom, high-quality stamp. We create stamps for all states in Australia as well as for international customers.

Choose Self-Inking or Traditional Custom Stamps!

There are many different options available when you buy custom rubber stamps. Our stamps can be made with any design, including text, logos, patterns and images, and can come in many different shapes and sizes. Custom stamps can be made in a traditional style, with separate inkpads, or as self-inking stamps. Self-inking stamps are our most popular style of stamp, and can be customised to fit any task. Our self-inking stamps are available in two different inking methods, either with a stamp pad that will apply ink to the stamp plate through a mechanical action, every time the stamp is used, or with a pre-inked stamp, which contains its own reservoir of ink behind the porous plate to supply the ink. All of our self-inking stamps are available in a wide range of ink colours, and stamps can even be designed to use multiple ink colours on a single stamp.

High-Quality Rubber Stamps, Available in a Variety of Options

Because our custom stamps are made to your design specifics, there are no limits to what we can put on your stamp. Whether you are looking or a traditional return address stamp to post on outgoing mail, or custom logo designs, we can make a stamp to meet any needs your office needs. We are also able to create Justice of the Peace stamps for certifying documents, including JP certification stamps, and JP address stamps. We have templates for each state to meet the specific JP wording and rules of that state. We can customise all of these stamps with custom colour inks or custom layouts. We can also help you to create Common Seals with our templates to help make ordering easier.

At the Stamp Store, we provide the most options and best quality for custom rubber stamps Australia businesses, homes and offices will ever find. We have a large range of sizes and offer several different brands, including StampStore, Colop and Trodat. Our customers can choose from many different ink colours and templates, as well as any image, logo or design options that you have in mind. We can create custom stamps for all of your needs, with easy online ordering. When you need a custom rubber stamp, check out the Stamp Store, for all of your rubber stamp needs.

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    StampStore is a one-stop online shop passionate about all things stamps. Reliable, high quality and offering a seamless customisation process, you won’t believe how easy it is to find something that perfectly fits your needs.

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