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Create a Day to Remember With Custom Wax Seals for Wedding Invitations! Buy Custom Wax Seal Stamps or a Personalised Wax Seal from the Stamp Store for your Invitations!

The wedding invitation is the first glimpse that guests will have into a wedding. To set the mood from the first moment, add sophistication to your invitations with a personalised wax seal. Using your own design, monogram, logo or family crest, The Stamp Store can create a custom wax seal to use to seal your invitations. Imagine the elegant look and feel of your invitation, swathed in a rich, luxurious envelope and sealed with a custom wax seal. Your family and friends will instantly experience the sophistication and elegance to come with your wedding.

Wax Seal Wedding Sets Include Custom Wax Seals for Wedding Invitations and More

Everything needs to be perfect when you plan your special day. Your invitation will always be one of the most special pieces of memorabilia from your wedding. With our custom wax seals for wedding invitations, your invitations will be perfect from start to finish. Our wax seal wedding set is something that you will treasure for a lifetime. Our set includes the custom bride and groom seal stamp, a wooden storage box engraved with the bride and groom's initials and wedding date, and a wax melting pot with to create your own custom colour for your seals. The set is completed by the ladle, which will help to make applying the wax seals consistent and effortless. You can use the wax seal set again and again, for your invitations, thank you cards and then for a lifetime of cards and events. Our set makes a beautiful and useful piece to showcase your marriage.

Whether you choose to create your wax seal stamp with an image, logo, monogram, initials or the initials of the bride and groom, The Stamp Store has the technology to create a beautiful wax seal stamp to create your seal perfectly. Any images or logos need to be turned into vector files for the computer to read. The vector file will create specific vector points to guide the computerised engraver to precisely cut your wax seal into your stamp. Our precision engraver creates an exact, smooth cut every time to create a perfect wax seal stamp.

Beautiful Wax Seal Stamps Are Designed To Last

When you are getting ready for your wedding, or any major event, the decision to buy custom wax seal stamps is an investment. Your custom wax seal stamp will last a lifetime. Our custom wax seals have solid brass stamping plates, which are engraved with the use of precision, computerised engravers and are mounted on a solid wooden handle. Our stamps can be engraved with artwork, logos or initials. We have 8 standard fonts for engraving, and we can always create an even more customised design for your stamp. More options are always available on our website dedicated specifically to our wax seals, www.waxseal.com.au. With care, this elegant stamp will last forever.

Make your invitations stand out from the crowd. With custom wax seal stamps from The Stamp Store, you can create invitations that will give your wedding an element of sophistication and elegance, long before your wedding ever begins. Your custom wax seals will stand out and be a beautiful first glimpse into your wedding.

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