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Different Stamp Types



Pre-inked Self-inking

Traditional Stamps are simple rubber stamps that requires the use a separate stamp pad to ink the stamp. We use a laser engraver to engrave your design into a sheet of rubber which is then trimmed and stuck to the stamp mount (handle) to make the finished product.

Self-inking Stamps are similar to the traditional rubber stamps. This is that a rubber die is made with a laser engraver and attached to the stamp mount.  The self-inking stamp mount has a built in stamp pad that provides the ink for the stamp automatically which makes using the stamp easier and faster. You also get more even impressions as the pressure of the stamp is controlled by the stamp mount. This type of self-inking stamp is good for most applications, except those that have very bold text or logos. Very bold text & logos can stamp a bit blotchy as the rubber can only pick up and transfer a limited quantity of ink. For bolder text and bolder logos we recommend the pre-inked stamps as described below. These stamps can be refilled.

Pre-inked / Self-inking Stamps are the newest type of self-inking stamp. This type of stamp uses a special porous rubber die.  These stamp dies are made using a photographic process that uses a computer controlled light and heat source to fuse together the cells of the porous rubber where there is no text, logo or line. The stamp die itself stores the ink and only lets the ink pass through the cells of the rubber that were not fused together during the manufacturing process. eg the text or logo.  These stamps are great with logos, small & bold text. They have very little mechanical action to operate. All you need to do is press the stamp against the paper and your done. They are also refillable.

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