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Permanent Marking Stamps for Glossy Surfaces



Our permanent marking pre-inked stamps will mark lots of different glossy surfaces. Although the ink is fast drying, the drying time will still depend on the type of surface the stamp is applied to.  We cannot guarantee that these stamps will work on all surfaces.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  As these stamps use a solvent ink, this ink will dry out in the stamp if the stamp is not used regularly and the lid not kept on when not in use.  These stamps also need regular re-inking to prevent them from drying out. The stamp MUST be re-inked on the first signs of the impression becoming faint. 
Letting the stamp dry out is NOT covered by warranty.

We recommend purchasing spare ink when purchasing a permanent marking stamp to avoid having your stamp dry out.   Do not purchase these stamps for occasional use.


Impressions many Non Porous Surface Including:

Vinyl & Plastic      (more than 1 minute drying time) 
Wood                    (fast drying)
Leather                 (fast drying)
Fabric                   (cottons fast drying, synthetic's slower drying)
Glossy Paper       (up to 1 minute drying time)     
      (up to 1 minute drying time)        


Note:  These stamps can stamp blurry on plain paper as they are designed for glossy surfaces. 
We recommend a very quick tap when stamping especially on plain paper.
If you press and hold the stamp down will transfer too much ink to the object you that you are stamping and create a blurry mark and take longer to dry. 

We recommend purchasing spare ink when purchasing a permanent marking stamp.

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