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CGS Pro Self Inking Rubber Stamps

cgs-self-inking-stamps.jpg Click to View CSG Series Stamps Size Chart

CGS Pro is similar in quality to Colop and Trodat.  These stamps are a great choice if you want a self inking stamp in the same size as the Trodat brand, but want to save a few dollars. We can supply these at a better price as we import these in bulk direct from the manufacturer. These stamps have the same “flip flop” action as Trodat and Colop, they also have same rubber die text plate and ink and will create the same quality impression.

Available in most popular sizes.

If your unsure of what stamp suits you needs, contact us online via our instant chat by clicking the chat icon above our main menu on each page, or call us on our Local Call number 1300 782 671. Monday to Friday, 9AM to 4 PM and we will be happy to advise you to ensure you get the right stamp.

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