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Metal Plaques

Make an Impact – Order Our Custom Metal Plaques Online

Is your business looking to make a statement? Would you like to honour a friend with a beautiful memorial? You can accomplish all this and more when you order our custom metal plaques online at the StampStore. For over ten years, we have been supplying Australia with a variety of high quality products including rubber stamps, business cards, and metal plaques. We produce metal plaques in aluminium, brass, and stainless steel in all sizes.

Businesses order our custom metal plaques online for a variety of reasons. A rotary engraved brass plaque makes for a great nameplate on an office door or even an identifying entry sign for those businesses located inside of a large complex. Brass plaques can be polished to keep their shine, and they will last a lifetime.

Our stainless steel plaques can be rotary engraved, or they can be engraved using laser technology providing a permanent highly visible marking. This type of engraving is ideal for businesses that have intricate logos. Aluminium plaques are also laser engraved and are perfect for photo engraving.

StampStore makes it very easy for you to place your order for custom metal plaques online. You can receive a free quote for your custom designed plaque by filling out the enquiry form on our website. If you are happy with your design and our affordable prices, you can place your order. We offer fast turnaround on all orders and free shipping on all orders over $70. For more information or assistance, call our friendly customer service staff on 1300 782 671 between 9 am and 4 pm. Monday through Friday.

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Stainless Steel

We can provide two different types of engraving on stainless steel plaques.

1/ Laser Engraved

Laser engraving stainless steel provides a permanent etched highly visible black mark into the stainless steel. Laser engraved stainless steel is perfect for many applications especially where intricate logos, small text or images are required on the plaque.


2/ Rotary Deep Engraved

Rotary engraving stainless steel removes the metal to provide a deep embossed appearance of your design.  Rotary engraving looks great on plaques with larger bold text.


Laser engraved stainless steel plaques Engraved Stainless Steel Plaques



Click for more info on Brass Plaques

We rotary engrave our brass plaques to provide you with beautifully deep engraved text, logos and borders.  Brass plaques look great and will last a lifetime.  Brass plaques will naturally tarnish over time providing a unique patina, or can be simply polished to keep a mirror gold finish.

Brass plaques can be cut to any shape or size up to 1000mm x 600mm

Paint Filled
Normal Engraved
Paint Filled Brass Plaque
Engraved Brass Plaques



Our aluminium plaques are made from anodized aluminium.  These aluminium plaques are laser engraved leaving an extremely detailed high contrast white mark.  Aluminium plaques are good for internal and external use and have a UV rating of up to 7 years outdoors.  Aluminium plaques are fantastic for photo engraving.


 Laser Engraved Anodised Aluminium
Great for ID & Serial plates etc
Engraved Photo on Black Anodised Aluminium
Laser Engraved Anodised Aluminium    Anodised Aluminium